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Open Letter calling for More Uplifting Children’s Entertainment

For overall campaign information, see the campaign page.

HOWHO Open Letter

April 22, 2013

To: The Purveyors of Children’s Entertainment

  • All U.S. and Canada cable and broadcast networks with children and/or family
  • Clear Channel, Disney Radio, MTV, VH1
  • Entertainment trades – magazines/publications/digital sites
  • Newspapers – Globe and Mail, LA Times, NY Times, USA Today, Washington Post, etc.
  • Selected Local and regional publications in Southern California
  • Original streaming content providers – YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon
  • Top video game and app producers

Dear Purveyors

All children are born with a gift. There are countless examples of children using their creative genius to make the world a better place. Children are inventing cancer detection devices, starting organizations to protect amphibians and end slavery, writing books and selling lemonade to raise money for their causes, speaking out about oil pipelines at United Nations conferences, and so much more. All children deserve the opportunity to share their gift with the world.

Unfortunately, the world that children are born into today is in crisis. Health care costs are spiraling out of control, kids are being raised by mass media and the environment is on the brink of collapse. It’s no wonder that many people are awakening to the realization that we are sick because our relationship with the planet is out of balance. By living as we do, we are destroying the very life support systems that our health relies upon. As we heal ourselves, we heal our relations with others and the planet. And vice versa.

Many organizations are working on solutions like urban gardening, getting kids in nature, stopping pipelines, and more. But few are focusing on pop culture even though it has a massive influence on children. As digital natives, today’s kids are on screens an average of 7 hours per day. Most of what they get on screens or commercial radio is vapid if not violent, misogynist or glorifying consumption. In addition to other solutions, we collectively need a strategy for pop culture.

We call upon the major players in mass media to learn about transformational entertainment and increase the amount of children and family programming that:

  • Illuminates the good that is happening in the world
  • Inspires creative expression and positive action
  • Transforms how children and families see the world
  • Tells stories of a brighter future
  • Supports children becoming more interested in nature
  • Models healthy, balanced relationships between males and females
  • Integrates modern and traditional ways of thinking
  • Encourages children to play and participate in real world activities
  • Shines a light upon the achievements of children
  • Provides a platform for child and youth leaders to express their visions.

Please tell us what your organization is doing around transformational entertainment for children. In early 2014, excellence in transformational children’s entertainment will be recognized at the 2nd annual Imagination Heals event.


The people and organizations listed below


Entertainers, Athletes and Authors



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