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About the Campaign


Check out the list of signatories to our open letter.

Our most pressing environmental and health issues are linked. If we live in an unhealthy environment, we get sick. And if our relationship with nature is unhealthy, the natural world deteriorates. As we heal our relationships with ourselves and nature, we get healthy. One way to create the conditions for long-term health is to teach children to love themselves and nature. If children grow with an appreciation for nature, they will protect it. As nature heals, so will we. And vice versa.

Launching Earth Day 2013, the Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves campaign includes an open letter calling for mass media companies to tell stories they are aligned with healing ourselves and our world and a fresh urban dance video.

Frazier049In the words of eleven year old spokesperson Nia Sioux Frazier, a dancer on the popular Lifetime show Dance Moms:

“I think the Heal the World, Heal Ourselves Campaign is really important because it will give kids like me a chance to have a positive voice in entertainment. There are so many talented kids that are doing really awesome things in the community, and it would be neat to have a better way to share those stories.”

Nia’s mother, Holly Hatcher-Frazier of Dance Moms, also a spokesperson for this campaign adds:

“As a parent and educator, I find it extremely important that we transform children’s entertainment and incorporate educational components in today’s programming. Children are becoming increasingly engaged in various media platforms. As such, we have a unique opportunity to leverage these channels to promote creativity, leadership, and academic excellence. I am thrilled to have a role in supporting this campaign, and look forward to witnessing the resulting impact on the media and ultimately our youth.”

Campaign Goals

The goals of the campaign are to:

  • Introduce the concept of transformational children’s entertainment to mass media, mission driven organizations and the public
  • Invite mass media companies to learn about transformational children’s entertainment programming
  • Call mass media companies to increase the amount of transformational children’s entertainment
  • Provide examples of transformative children’s media
  • Recognize excellence in transformational children’s media

A stretch goal is to inspire people/organizations to start their own focused campaigns on Causes,,, etc.

Urban Dance/Nature Video

The video has been designed to speak to the need for transformational children’s entertainment and will include a call to action at the end. The video will be launched on Earth Day 2013 with signatories tweeting and Facebook posting to announce its YouTube debut. Here’s the synopsis. After waking from a nightmare in a hospital, a little girl is soothed by a magical song, which transports her to a dreamworld where magical plants and animals are healing the planet, one block at a time! Joining this motley crew of nature superheros, the child lends her musical superpowers to heal her world. Featuring renowned dancers, this video delivers a critical message and makes it fresh and fun!

Open Letter to Mass Media

Encourages mass media companies to tell stories that support the healing of our world! The open letter calls for mass media (i.e., television, radio, publications and social media conglomerates) to increase the amount of children’s programming that illuminates, inspires and transforms. Check out the open letter.


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